Thursday, 24 April 2008

my toaster touched the water

Someone once told me swans mate for life.
Why can't human too?


myop101 said...

i am happily married and i don't plan to look for another spouse. i hope to see our future children grow up and live the rest of our lives together.

if she dies first, i can only hope by then i will go not too long after.

Master Ethan said...

Hi El,

Just a thought;

"Someone once told me swans mate for life."-El

"Chickens and roosters are FREE FOR ALL, So does old hens"-Master

Why can't human too?-El

Awww, isn't that a bit boring. I am free most of the Sundays. Tell me,
my friend, are you in a relationship crisis? However, don't answer if you deemed self-incriminating.

Anonymous said...

After all these years, you can't get the lyrics right :)