Thursday, 5 April 2007

Out – Skinny Jeans and Babydoll

Girls, according to my microeconomic textbook author, skinny jeans are out and baby doll dresses might soon be passé:

…Skinny jeans have been fashionable for the last few years, but there are signs that the trends are now moving toward straight-leg designs. If the tide changes, pretty soon everybody will be selling straight-leg jeans.

If all the designers are showing baby doll dresses in the spring of 2006, then there’s a good chance that is what everybody will be wearing by the summer of 2006.

But then again, he also went on to say:

Since I have the same fashion sense that most economists have — that is, none whatsoever — I cannot attest to the accuracy of the law professors’ description of the fashion industry.


Anyway, it is a good article on economics and intellectual property law.



Chewxy said...

Interesting. This is one post where I don't understand most of the things stated.

p/s: Who wears baby clothes other than babies?

Anonymous said...

we already guess..

tennis doll, shera pova was not wearing her babydoll dress again after one tournament outing some time back..

football doll, victora also ditched her size 0 skinny pants some time back as reflected in her recent magazine pictures..

no worries..we have since cut back investment in those jaded counters..


Resurrected said...

Really? Economists have bad fashion taste? :P

Good link, that one. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yay... let's have some decent dresses for those non-babies with long legs :)


Anonymous said...

Spring's "Unskinny" Pants are seen .. think cotton; think linen..

no.. they aren't drawstring cargo but yes.. they are not-too-low-rise.

it's lunch hour ..

Lot we come