Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Important Things in Life

He wisely counsels that anything that happens to your finances is secondary to the important things in life – picking a suitable and compatible mate, developing a relationship with your children, and doing something that you enjoy.

- Jeremy Siegel on Warren Buffett

As quoted from Greg’s blog. Look at all those defensive comments from both entries. Makes you wonder.


Resurrected said...

Some people actually enjoy the kind of work they do even though it seems to be life-sapping to the outsiders. :D

However, I think it is unfair to resort to name-calling as it is just a matter of opinion. What Buffet espoused makes sense, and really it is a matter of choice (for those able to exercise it) and tradeoffs.

Anonymous said...

i think there are more purpose in life to just being 'happy'

each has their own vao ( views and opinions )

there are some who yearn and want to live towards one with the purpose "to be responsible and compassionate and more importantly, to stand for something they believe in and work towards it in order to have made some difference .. "