Monday, 19 May 2008

The Crimson Pig

From Tyler Cowen - My Favourite Things Japan, Cinema Edition:

8. Anime: Grave of the Fireflies is a knockout, an anime movie for people who hate anime (and war). Make sure you use the subtitles, not the dub. I love all Miyazaki, maybe my favorite is Princess Mononoke, just don't expect a coherent Pigouvian vision from it. Other times I think Totoro is his supreme masterpiece. Pom Poko, from Studio Ghibli, is essential viewing as well. (emphasis added)

This is exactly how I feel about Miyazaki, although I have to say I have three modes instead of two Princess Mononoke when I am all epic-feely, Totoro when I am reminiscing innocence and Porco Rosso when I am feeling romantic. Can’t seem to rank them; the order changes depending on my mood.


P.S.: Grave and Ponpoko are not Miyazaki’s, but great nonetheless. The latter has the most catchy theme song... itsudemo darekaga... :D

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hhc said...

i love mononoke hime was classic...