Thursday, 28 February 2008

Postal Voting

I went to London yesterday, to the Malaysian High Commission to register myself as a postal voter. Apparently, it was the last day to do so.

When I reached there, I was directed to the consular office to fill in the necessary form. I was rather heartened that I was not the only one there to register for postal voting. Yes, most people were there to register their marriage, renew their passport and other usual administrative matters, but quite a number were there to register to vote too.

At least more than I thought there would be. In the hour or so that I was in consular office, I met at least 10 other people who were there to exercise their civic duty. Some, like me, were not from London and most, including me, were rather clueless on the whole process. But the whole thing was surprisingly quick and easy, and the nice lady who attended us was very helpful.

While waiting and filling in the form, some of us joked if we should write down "Malaysia" under the "Bangsa" column instead of "Cina" or "dan Lain2". Teehee.

But I did noticed a rather curious pattern: everyone whom I met to register was Chinese and female. Hmmm. I can think of many interesting implications.

Oh well, looking forward to going to London again on the 8th.

Here's to greater political competition :)



nick said...


Rembau is a great place to live if u want to reach 100 years…


key in the IC numbers and see for yourself at

if khairy gets elected, they can live up to 200 years…..

nick said...

malaysians in heaven are also allowed to register for postal voting......

however, they wont be voting to create greater political competition...=(

chewxy said...

wow.. those underaged buggers can vote.

The laws of large numbers say that the votes should show the most accurate perception of the people towards the candidate if n approaches infinity.

But what happens if a majority of the n are underaged or dead?

Chin Ching said...

I'll be voting too :) Though I don't feel much competition going on in my area as of now... You know where Descartes is right? The competition is quite intense in that area, each trying to claim the roundabout nearby, in terms of number of flags and posters :P

p.s. sorry x1000 forgot to wish you happy 27th birthday... did u celeb at all? i think i'm in depression too... :P

Harrison bin Handsome said...

As commenter Nick shares a couple of underage voters, I don't think the Election Commission could justify rationally how thier IC/ names got there.

They always said that voters over 100 y.o. is still applicable as they have not obtained any death certificates from the respective department.

Hopefully the head of Election Commission lives till 200.

Dek Mat said...

hellooooo it sure has been awhile but finally we've got our manifesto out!

vote sipm for the power of 4G! ;)