Thursday, 3 January 2008


When was the last time you could relate this much to a comic?



feliz said...

hahahhaa..nice comics ; love you for your humour, elanor =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elanor,

Happy New Year. I have enjoyed reading your blog from across the Atlantic. Just out of curiosity, are you working on your Masters or PhD?


Harrison Bin Hansome said...

If you are 26 (thereabout) year old coed, it reflects that your parents are damn rich.

You see, i started workin' at the age of 15 concurrently schooling toiling an odd-job.

Good luck anyway and continue studying until the age of 50.

Good day and Happy New Year of coz.

Anonymous said...

Professional student with no real work experience can they be called good faculty ?

Elanor said...

1. my parents were not rich.

2. i haven't used my parents' money for education since secondary 5.

3. i have worked as a practising economist since 2004.

4. i might not be schooling when i am 50, but if i am alive, i am certain i would still be learning.

thank you.

Chewxy said...

Anonymous and Harrison, I think both your comments are very unjust. And not to mention they are very vile personal attacks too.

Do you use Google? If you do, please don't use it. You know why? Because Google was borne of academia.

Yes, I do support academics. You know why? Because if the world had listened to these people instead of age-old conventional wisdom, the world would have been a thousand times a better place than it is right now. (of course, the business world would also be fucked up because most academics won't know all the dirty tricks)

Working starting from 15 doesn't give you the wisdom nor the insights of how things really are. It gives you the right to brag - that you work harder, that you have 'experience'.

Big whoop. Any Tom Dick and Harry can claim experience. But how many Tom Dick and Harries can perform meaningful multivariate tests to make decisions?

Academics study the world so people who are working out there get better treatments.

Without Adam Smith, there'd be no concept of specialization (oh, don't bother talking about Henry Ford, coz he stole the idea about job specialization from Smith)

Anyways, I replied because you both personally attacked El. Her economic status DOES NOT affect her arguments as an academic. Next time, try attacking her points instead of whether she has work experience or not.

Then again, I'd doubt you are able to attack (or find weaknesses) in her arguments even, since you guys are so anti-academia, you won't have the ability to critically review her arguments. (yes, this is a childish personal attack to you too. Tit for tat.)


Anonymous said...

Just because my 2 sentence query came after H bin H doesn't mean I am attacking anybody. It is just a general question and one shouldn't jump to any conclusion.

Harrison bin Hansome said...

Dear Chewxy,

Having read your replies and commenteries, which I will get to that a bit later,in retrospect, overview what this cutie coed has written since she blogged since January 2007. She tested and teases the intelligence of readers, and the recent caricature caption denotes herself as an overdue coed.

Your sychopantic points are tantamount to the nascency of many Malaysians in justifying that the Minister of Health Chua Soi Lek, having admitted the "sex-tape-scandal", calling it a personal matter and should not resign?

And you wrote:-

"Working starting from 15 doesn't give you the wisdom nor the insights of how things really are. It gives you the right to brag - that you work harder, that you have 'experience'."

You are intepreting facts to justified your arrogant conclusions
vis-a-vis with Adam Smith and others irrelevant dailectics.

I clearly meant by comparison with Ms. "Glitterati's" having myself pushed to the limits of concurrently earning some hard-cash cum schooling. Yes, coz my parents are poor and I am in need for money. Never have I bragged about gaining experince, did I?? An odd- job as a bricklayer also need experince to brag? That's something new to me!

The only admission I have of Ms. elanor Tan is her proudness attitude that she reflected in her blog with her childish questions like "what's your immediate reaction when a tap won't work?" and other silly questions and if I recollect, I replied, though late.

No hard feeling to Ms. Elanor. And to you, Chewxy, Owwwww a la, C'mon!

Elanor said...

To all,

Thank you for your comments. Appreciate them all.

To harrison, I apologise for appearing haughty and childish. Wasn't my intention.

I do not remember asking too many questions; as this blog serves more as a journal for myself to put down in words some of the thoughts I have. The specific question on 'taps' was intended to serve as a link to two posts - I hope you have read the second post. If the question remains stupid and childish to you after, than all I have to could say is that I apologise for my lack of maturity for you.

The haughtiness I might reflect in my writings perhaps is a flaw in my exposition style - I have never been very good in writing and most of my blog posts, I adopted a terse stance. Furthermore, the topics I blogged on has never been very personal in nature.

That said, I do occasionally post personal short posts, this being one of them. The reason is because, well, I really could relate to the comic. Spending New Year alone having to work for an impending exams. It is not meant to tease nor boast. It was a personal post for me and some of my close friends who read this blog but who do not comment.

I welcome any comments, but I have to admit that your personal attacks on me irked me, especially with reference to my parents and the insinuation that life is too easy for me. This is not a place to relate to you my life experience, but suffice to say, what little that I have now, it didn't come easy. I worked very hard to pursue my goals.

While my family was not in abject poverty when I was growing up, rich is about the furthest word you could use to describe us. But what I lacked financially, I have in place much love and encouragement. Which in turn helped me to work hard and do well enough for me to further my studies overseas without my family's financial support. I too, worked hard to support myself in my education, but perhaps not in a way as inspiring as yours.

And regarding me being a life-time student, was again uncalled for. Perhaps reading my blog made it easy for you to pin-hole me as a spoilt brat who knows nothing but studying. I am not an academician, and I am employed (although I consciously do not mention my work in this blog for professional reason). Currently I am taking a year off my work to further my studies so I could be better in what I do later. Again, I worked hard to be able to have this opportunity - it didn't come in a silver platter.

Anyway, I do hope that perhaps you could give some of my writings another opportunity and read them without identifying them as something written by a haughty, childish spoilt-brat. My opinions on issues are always open for criticisms, but I do wish not so for personal reasons.

But if my blog remains as irritable for you, there is always the 'back' or 'close' on your web-browser.

Thank you.

sueyin said...

Hi Harrison,

I am singularly puzzled by your dogmatic conclusion reached about Elanor and your personal attacks which are neither warranted nor justified.

You have somehow surmised from Elanor's age that her parents are damm rich without any apparent thought about the other possibilities.

I hope that you could refrain from these personal attacks brought upon by your obvious bitterness against those you've dubbed the "glitteratis"

Furthermore, if you find her questions childish and her blog inane, if i may suggest, you could choose not to visit her site and refrain from making snide and untrue remarks.

There are I am sure many others, myself included who enjoy Elanor's uptakes on economics and who find her posts not only intelligent but refreshing.

Harrison Bin Hansome said...

To Elanor,

Re : Unconditional Apology

Foremost, I tender my unconditional apology to your goodself for my crude commenteries which was merely based on my perception in your write-ups.

My apology applies to chewxy and sueyin and to all if the contents of my commenteries may belittle, insult, insinuate you all.

Thank You Elanor for being a sports.

Harrison Bin Hansome said...

Dear Chewxy,

I ain't anti-establishments nor anti academicians.

But if u really become an economist or sorts for the Malaysian Government, I guess I'll to try my "best" to be another Dr. Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski. I only remember him vividly coz I still had some issues of Newsweek reportage about him. Check out the links:-

I patronizes your blogs and even leaves some commeteries.

I hope Elanor accepted my apology and will not deter from posting a new topic.

Cheers to all.
Harrison bin Hansome

zewt said...

it is a tragedy that I wanna be in....

James Biron Lim Jr. said...

Dear Elanor,

If your exam impends or started, all the best to you in your career & please come back and serve M'sia will ya? You are the best of the best.


James Biron Lim Jr.

Mangrovejumper said...

With words like coed, cutie and childish all thrown in, I wonder is it really so difficult for the content be judged without reference to the blogger's gender, age and appearance.

Under Secretary Of Commerce Phil Jammeson said...


Six sense doesn't count anymore. Don't fall onto the speculation of garbled instinct.

This thread is the "hottest" amongst Elanor's. More pls.

Dan said...

whoa. that's exactly what i was doing this new year...

Chewxy said...

I was writing Python programs and I ended up writing this:


Harrison Bin Hansome said...

Chewxy, u sneaky lil' weasel. Have u read my request? C'mon u avid lil' wanker. If every 7 seconds your brain is in your pants, I am wonderin' of your frail disposition and your commenteries clearly enunciates that point. C'mon, before I steal your girlfriend.

Chewxy said...

I frankly have no idea what you are talking about Harrison. Stop bugging me. Seriously.

oyster cove said...

Hi Elanor,

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Harrison bin Hansome said...
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