Thursday, 1 November 2007

Taking Notes on Justin Lin - Marshall Lecture 2007 (Part One)

What I took out from the first lecture; part one is on development.

  1. Development, the progress and prosperity of a nation, is dictated primarily by institutions.
  2. Institutions, by construct of nationhood, is in fact determined by the one dominant institution, the government itself. Other institutions are mere derivations.
  3. Government is in turn a function of its leaders.
  4. Leaders are in turn motivated by its permanence by appealing to the dominant social idea of progress and prosperity.

That is, development is ultimately determined by the dominant idea of the masses on what constitute progress and prosperity. Should that idea be misguided, so would the fate of the nation be in peril.

prioritization based on racial considerations as the dominant social idea?

I fear for the fate of my nation.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back Elanor ! It's been a while since your last post. That aside, I can't help but notice that your tone sounds rather jaded. Is there no hope for the nation then ?

elegant lily said...

the country is as good as dead. now the fight is about whether to give it a proper and decent burial or to leave the body out in the open for the vultures.