Wednesday, 13 June 2007


On MIX Breakfast today, Serena C and Ika discussed briefly on marriage and divorce and women in general. At one point, Serena said:

“They say 30’s is the new 20’s now”

Bless her :)

Anyway, the latest IMF’s Finance and Development (June 2007, Vol. 44, No. 2) focuses on the role of women, with the tagline “Unleashing the Economic Power of Women”. The three main articles are:

Smart Economics
Mayra Buvinic and Elizabeth M. King

This issue spotlights gender equality. In the first article on gender, we learn about the progress made so far toward fulfilling the targets set out in the third Millennium Development Goal (MDG3). Not only is MDG3 a vital development objective but it is also key to achieving several of the other MDGs.

Budgeting with Women in Mind

Janet Stotsky

One way for countries to pinpoint policies needed to reduce gender disparities is through gender budgeting, which involves the systematic examination of budget programs and policies for their impact on women. As "Budgeting with Women in Mind" explains, this effort to mainstream gender analysis into government policies has gained prominence in recent years.

Getting All Girls into School

Maureen Lewis and Marlaine Lockheed

Despite important progress in recent years, an estimated 43 million girls around the world are still not enrolled in school. The majority of them are from socially excluded groups. New strategies for educating these "excluded girls" must be found.

There is also an article by Governor Zeti.

And since we are on this topic, this is an interesting TEDtalk by Helen Fisher, on the Science of Love, and the Future of Women. The synopsis:

Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies love: its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its vital importance to human society. She outlines the three stages of love (lust, infatuation and long-term attachment), shedding light on eternal questions like why we love, and why we cheat. She also discusses the natural talents of women, and their new significance in the modern world. She ends with a warning about the widespread use of antidepressants -- and a truly hilarious story of romantic pursuit.”

Watch it.



Anonymous said...

Bodowi says in his pre-marriage message- 'a woman completes a man'
(How cloying!)

Mason From kuching says: 'whats a marriage, but legal paper that are temporary agreed upon'.

And like Elanor, a wo(men) would professed undying love to bed any wo(men).

Cheers girl, soory I mean my boy ( as you professed, remember?)

feliz said...

The Tedtalk by Helen Fisher is interesting.. not that we don't already know some of the things she talked about ie. like there are many definitions and intepretations of love.. and that people tend to have looked at love as unconditional acceptance and " looking for the good " etc..

Thanks for sharing it, elanor .

..but one thing i know is we must feel love inside ourself before we can give it to others :)

Anonymous said...

"And like Elanor, a wo(men) would professed undying love to bed any wo(men)."

Hmmmm, tak faham.